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Small Bore Parallel Slide Valves

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Small Bore Parallel Slide Valves

Extra Information

The core ranges are class:
1690, 2850, 4500



The HH range of pressure seal parallel slide gate valves are designed to ASME B16.34 1690, 2850 and 4500 class (interpolated ratings). The small bore forged steel size range is 3/4" to 4" NB in materials ASTM A105 and A182 Gr. F22 / F91. The valve range is a true pressure seal design and has seats, discs and backseat hard faced with stellite 6 or stellite 12 and butt weld ends to ASME B16.25 standard schedules. The range can be fitted with locking systems, bevel gearboxes, equalising devices and electrical pneumatic actuated operation.

Specification Details

    ASME B16.34 compliant
    Flanged or butt-weld ends
    Hardfaced seats, discs and backseat as standard
    Open / close indication as standard
    Castings to ASTM E446 level 3
    Available in a wide range of materials and trim options
    Available in pressure classes 1690 - 4500
    Pressure sealed bonnet across full range
    Forged body up to 4" size

Optional Features

    Option for actuator (pneumatic, electric)
    Bevel gear where non standard
    Extension shafts for remote operation
    By-pass and drain connections
    VEE Port seat for flow control